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SZ Viewer W1-2023-01-31 (Windows), L1-2023-01-31 (Linux), M1-2023-01-31 (macOS)

SZ Viewer (Windows, Linux, macOS) changes:

1. Linux and macOS versions include W1-2022-11-19 and W1-2022-12-03 changes.

2. A "waiting" mouse cursor and message about interrupted reading in text tabs.

3. Raw values for the K-Line OBD-II module type.

4. Raw values open in a tab, not in a new window.

5. Restart on unit of measuring change for consistency with language change (i.e. the "Cancel" action doesn't cancel the unit of measuring or language change).

6. Removed the link (see also).

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Samsung NX300/NX300M/NX500 shutter count

How to check shutter release count of Samsung NX500/NX300/NX300M cameras (source):
Aug 6, 2016


1) Create a text file as follows:
  file name: nx_dev.adj
  file content: "smart_camera" - NB no carriage return, no nothing except the string (NB excluding quotes). File length should be exactly 12 bytes.

2) Place this file on the root of an SD card and put the card in your camera.

3) Power on the camera. Make sure camera is on Auto.

4) Press, in succession: down, OK, up, OK, right, press and keep pressed the exposure compensation button, press and release OK, and finally release the exposure compensation button.

Now you should see the new menu on the screen. Go to "3. Adjustment Control" (press OK) and from there, to "(6) Adjust Results" (Press OK). There you should see "Shutter Release Count:" with the number of actuations.

To close the DEV menu, just press the MENU button a few times.

I know for sure that this method does not work with the latest Samsung NX500 firmware v1.12. You need to use v1.11. It is possible to downgrade in the same way as a normal firmware upgrade with an SD card.


Восход-75/Voskhod-75 (June 2007)

Восход-75 №ВС-01-34 (Voskhod-75 #VS-01-34), Lake Baikal, Bolshiye Koty settlement. June 2007.

2023-01-25 is obsolete

Important information

The domain is obsolete, I don't use it for SZ Viewer anymore.

Official SZ Viewer URL:


Pine and Vivitar 85/1.8

Branches of a pine tree. Cheap Vivitar 85/1.8 (that Chinese OEM) lens at f/1.8.

Of course, [longitudinal] chromatic aberrations are noticeable (although some of them were removed by a raw converter).

As I've written before, this lens produces an image in the style of old film lenses with alike aberrations.

I would like to compare this lens with the SMC Takumar 85/1.8 or its successor Pentax K 85/1.8 (somehow I think there will be a similarity in the image). But the rarity and overpricing of these lenses makes it unlikely for me.

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Far Manager: Windows 10, Unicode, and Raster fonts

If you use Far Manager in the Windows 10 console with a Raster (also called Terminal) font, file names with Unicode symbols can disrupt rendering of columns.

In my case, it was fixed with two options in the main menu ⇒ "Options" ⇒ "Interface settings":

Enable "Use Virtual Terminal for rendering" and enable "Fullwidth-aware rendering".

It shows question marks instead of Unicode specific symbols, but the columns are rendered evenly.

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Bosch 0 986 345 008 - oil pressure sensor

Bosch 0 986 345 008 (0986345008) oil pressure sensor.

The sensor is not quite a direct equivalent, but could be a replacement for the Suzuki 37820-80G01 sensor which is used in many engines (including the M-series).

It has a slightly larger (I think) control pressure: 0.25/0.35 bar.

And the center location of the terminal pin is more helpful when a socket isn't deep enough to screw the sensor in.

A bit surprised that there is no thread seal/fixing compound on the threads.

I have changed oil pressure sensors on RAV4 and on Cherokee. Jimny, on the other hand, has no problem with it. Neither on the M18A nor the M13A. But, in any case, you have to keep an eye on it.


Sony a7c: one year with the camera

A year ago I got a Sony a7c full-frame mirrorless camera.

I had my doubts, would a full frame be worth it? Since I had to sell a lot of old photographic equipment (Samsung NX cameras, and lenses, and some other things). There was possible disappointment from inflated expectations.

No, the full frame didn't disappoint at all. On the contrary, I got exactly what I expected. And the Sony a7c camera did not disappoint, although of course it is far from perfect. Its drawbacks were known in advance.

The 24Mp resolution is enough, and the files (I shoot only in raw-ARW) are not so large to worry about this. More precisely, they are large for the resolution (no lossless compression), but I do not store a lot of photos on the camera, and I compress them with an archiver for long-term storage. They are well compressed.

As for the video capabilities, I "lost" 50/60 fps because they are only available in FullHD mode. And FullHD is unusable because of the high aliasing. But good 4K is more important to me. And the ability to record video without a software time limit.

Mostly, the only thing I don't like is the flip screen mechanism. I miss the one of Samsung NX500 - it suits me much better.

So I like Sony a7c, it satisfied me. I have no plans to replace it with anything else. And yes, I still have a few cameras with the 1.5 crop: Ricoh GR for every day, a spare Samsung NX10, and a suddenly appeared Samsung NX300, which is not quite healthy.

I already listed the lenses, and the list did not changed. I only use some of lenses on the a7c. Grouped by focal length:

28-30mm: Pentax K 28/3.5, Pentax K 30/2.8

35mmм: Pentax K 35/3.5

50-55mm: Pentax K 50/1.4, Pentax M 50/4 Macro, Pentax K 55/1.8

85mm: Гелиос-40 (Helios-40)  85/1.5, Vivitar 85/1.8

100-105mm: Takumar (Pre-set II) 105/2.8, Pentax M 100/4 Macro

I rarely use other (longer or shorter) focal lengths, or I don't use them at all.

As you can see, these are mostly Pentax (K bayonet) lenses from the 1970s for film SLR cameras. I use these lenses with the same K&F Concept adapter (I don't really like the design, but I have not found a replacement yet). And the additional aperture control is very useful (like a pre-set aperture control of old lenses). 

It is funny: I left Pentax (cameras), returned to Pentax (lenses).

I don't have any Sony autofocus lenses, nor do I have an explicit wish to purchase one. The support for non-electronic optics is pretty good. But I don't like, that I have to add focal length information (and lens model) by hand. This is the only moral limitation of using non-electronic lenses on this camera.

But purely theoretically, I'm thinking about some sort of autofocus lens. I haven't even decided on the focal length.

Sometimes I think of the Tamron 20-40mm F/2.8 Di III VXD. Yes, it's a zoom lens, which I'm not particularly a fan of. But right now, I'm using the questionable Вариозенитар (Variozenitar) 25-45/2.8-3.5 for this rare application. And (usable) f/2.8 aperture on full-frame is good, it's the equivalent of f/1.8 on a 1.5 crop frame, and I've never had anything faster among Samsung NX autofocus lenses.

Also, this Tamron will cover the lack of a wide angle. In my experience of Pentax DA 14/2.8 on a crop (equivalent to 20mm focal length on full-frame), I don't need a wider angle. A shorter focal length would be useful for videos forced to shoot in a crop mode (like it was in Samsung NX500 with 4K/UHD). On Sony a7c it's only 4K at 30 fps, there the cropping is relatively small, and I prefer 25 fps (not to risk with 50Hz powered artificial light).

And in general, Tamron's 20-40 mm is just a convenient universal focal length, given the current trend of going wide angle. But the reviews of this recent (2022) lens are still mixed. Some people really like it, while others find it a bit weak. So the interest remains only theoretical.

Also I would like a 35mm lens with f/1.4 (or faster if possible) and specifically on full frame. Autofocus is not required. There is a choice, but I haven't looked into it yet.

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Five-door Jimny (introduced)

The five-door Jimny has been introduced in India.

It has already been described in detail by everyone, so I will say in short: I like it. It suits me instead of my Jeep Cherokee KJ (which is a bit big for me). Would have left it as stock without any modifications (only maybe would have added a rear LockRight).

The aesthetics, at first glance, did not suffer from the five doors. The rear side window does look a bit odd though. I guess dark colors are better for a five doors Jimny, rather than the awesome vibrant colors that look good on a three-door one.

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Thuraya SO-2510: firmware and software archive

If anyone is still interested, the software archive for the old Thuraya SO-2510 satellite phone: (33.9MB, SHA256: 7ed6dde18e744fa88df49c257e1950eb3efb104311b0b87eb6aa32c8e4b61f7b)

  • Operating and reflashing manuals (English).
  • Reflashing software for Windows XP and Windows Vista.
  • Chinese firmware 7.0 and the general firmware 6.8 (just the one I use, I think it is the latest).

At the same time, I wanted to test the phone. It turned on (although the batteries are weak right now), it found the network, and even the GPS is working (with the wrong date), but the roaming did not work. But maybe there was not enough money in the mobile account.


Pre-winter bike maintenance: Pentosin CHF 11S and Total Nevastane XS 80

Well, Pentosin CHF 11S turned out to be better for bicycle fork servicing than "conventional" ATF. In summer there is not much difference, but in winter the Pentosin is better. I think because it has a lower viscosity.

And I kept wondering what to do with Total Nevastane XS 80 grease. I didn't like it in automotive usage because it tended to degrade into its components. But in cycling applications it turned out to be quite good. The revs are much lower, and the oil seals are no problem at all.


6 vs 10 vs 14 (old story)

In 2011 I did a comparison of Pentax *ist Ds (6MP), Pentax K10D (10MP), and Samsung NX10 (14MP) cameras. I wrote about it but did not show the results. The subject turned out to be unsuitable. But now looking at the images and still noticed a section of the photo where you can see the difference:

200% zooming. From left to right: *ist Ds, K10D, NX10. Raw processing in the ART with the Neutral profile, and white balance adjustment. The *ist Ds and K10D are both upscaled to 14MP. And the lens, I think, was not Pentax A 50/1.7, but rather Pentax K 35/3.5.

The *ist Ds is expectedly weaker, but the NX10 is still slightly better than the K10D, although it seemed to me at the time that there was very little difference.

I don't have those Pentax cameras anymore, but I still have the Samsung NX10 (this particular one). But it has a strong AA filter for these days: see the comparison with the Sony a7c (10MP APS-C mode).

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