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Cheap T2-M42 adapter and Mosler Photoguard 35/2.8

I bought a cheap T[2]-M42 adapter for the Mosler Photoguard 35/2.8 lens (which now has an adapter for the Pentax K).

But I couldn't get it fully screwed onto the lens. There is a clearance, therefore it is impossible to focus to infinity.

The end of the lens rests on the internal of the adapter.

For comparison, here is the adapter for Pentax K:

But the T[2]-M42 adapter sits on the Five Star 500/8 lens with no problems.

Some adapter modification is required.

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Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon and special lenses

A special and very expensive the Zeiss Planar 50mm f/0.7 lens allowed Stanley Kubrick to film indoor scenes of Barry Lyndon (1975) by candlelight only.

The Planar 50/0.7 without a front mount converter (narrower angle of view):

The Planar 50/0.7 with a front mount Kollmorgen converter as 36.5/0.7 (wider angle of view):

More info:

Ironically, a similar technical result (filming indoor scenes by candlelight only) can now be easily achieved with amateur digital equipment.


GM Special Lubricant High Temperature: application for lenses

I maintained the Юпитер-3 (Jupiter-3) 50/1.5 lens with applying GM Special Lubricant High Temperature (12345879).

There were some doubts about very cold weather handling. But this winter I shot outside with this lens and the focusing was still quite smooth. And the smell of grease has almost disappeared. So I will continue to use this lubricant in lenses.


How to put on a camera strap

I had previously used the option shown on the left (which is generally the manufacturer's recommendation).

But I have switched to the option on the right for my photo cameras.


Baykal Port (January 2006)

Lake Baikal, the source of the Angara River, Baykal Port. January 2006. The horizontal panorama:

Higher resolution: 7274x2985 5025.2KB


Two section tripod extender

There's one more enhancement to my SLIK PRO 500DX tripod (besides the plate adapter). This is a two section aluminum tripod extension tube:

It is for use between a tripod and a tripod head.

1/4" mounting for a head. 3/8" or 1/4" (with the included adapter) mounting to a tripod.

Two sections:

Extra height from 22 to 39 cm. Of course, at full height with the extender the tripod loses stiffness significantly, but sometimes this is acceptable.


990NZ-78R60-000: Radius arm mounting guards for Jimny 2018+

There is a Russian accessories catalogue for the Suzuki Jimny 2018+:

There I found radius arm mounting/bracket protection/guards with the part number 990NZ-78R60-00.

This is a typo, the correct part number is Suzuki 990NZ-78R60-000 (with three zeros). But it is OEM for Russia only. 

The year 2021 is stated, I don't know if this kit is currently in production.

From left to right: rear parts, front parts.

This kit contains four big protective washers for the rear, four big protective washers for the front (including one trim washer), four spacers for the rear, four spacers for the front, and four mounting bolts with four small washers and four nuts.

The installation manual (in Russian language):

Size of the big protective washers: 90x12.4x6 (mm, rear), 84.2x12.4x6 (mm, front).

This protective washers have a larger outer diameter while 80mm is usually used. And the thickness is as much as 6mm, instead of the usual 4 or 5mm.

Size of the spacers: 32.3x12x10 (mm, rear), 38.3x12x10 (mm, front) 

The mounting bolts are M12x1.25 120mm class 10.9.

Looks like the 15541831 (1/55418/31) bolt for Russian heavy trucks.

I am going to install these guards on my Suzuki Jimny [Sierra] 2005.

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Nokia N73's camera (2006)

The "focus free" cameras of early mobile phones  (for example: 1, 2) were pretty bad even by the standards of those days.

The first phone in my hands that introduced at least some quality results was the Nokia N73.

The sensor size seems to be 1/2.5", it is not too bad for a mobile phone even today. The first decent digital camera I could use, the Canon A60 (2003) had a smaller 1/2.7" (2MP) sensor. The N73's larger sensor is 3MP.

The Nokia N73 has an 5.6mm/2.8 lens (Carl Zeiss Tessar named!) with autofocus, which is of course a noticeable improvement over "focus free" lenses. The 35 mm equivalent focal length is about 35mm (longer than a modern main camera have).

Examples of photos (2007-2009) to demonstrate the level of image quality. All are unprocessed camera JPEGs.


(Lake Baikal, the Circum–Baikal railway)

(Lake Baikal)

(Ice of Irkutsk Reservoir)

(Lake Baikal)

Closer subjects:

(Honda Stream is stuck)

Difficult lighting conditions:

(the Circum–Baikal railway)

(Kitoy River)

And a bit of history (Irkutsk, August 2008):

The main complaints are not even about the resolution of the N73 camera, but about the specific "digital" colors, which ruin the image.


Pentax DSLRs by megapixels

Pentax K-mount DSLRs grouped by the number of megapixels.

Pentax *ist D (2003)
Pentax *ist DS (2004)
Pentax *ist DL (2005)
Pentax *ist DS2 (2005)
Samsung GX-1S (2006)
Pentax *ist DL2 (2006)
Samsung GX-1L (2006)
Pentax K100D (2006)
Pentax K110D (2006)
Pentax K100D Super (2007)


Pentax K10D (2006)
Samsung GX-10 (2006)
Pentax K200D (2008)
Pentax K-m/K2000 (2008)


Pentax K-x (2009)
Pentax K-r (2010)

14.6MP APS-C

Pentax K20D (2008)
Samsung GX-20 (2008)
Pentax K-7 (2009)


Pentax K-5 (2010)
Pentax K-01 (2012) - mirrorless, not DSLR
Pentax K-30 (2012)
Pentax K-5 II (2012)
Pentax K-5 IIs (2012)
Pentax K-500 (2013)
Pentax K-50 (2013)


Pentax K-S1 (2014)
Pentax K-S2 (2015)


Pentax K-3 (2013)
Pentax K-3 II (2015)
Pentax K-70 (2016)
Pentax KP (2017)
Pentax KF (2022)


Pentax K-3 III (2021)

36MP Full-frame

Pentax K-1 (2016)
Pentax K-1 Mark II (2018)


Samsung NX300: AMOLED degradation

I accidentally got a Samsung NX300 camera. It hadn't been used for a couple of years, which probably led to some LCD AMOLED screen problems.

At first there were "migrating" pink spots on the screen. Then the screen dimmed and turned brown.

1. Now the images on the screen look sepia. The highlights are blown out.

It looks very bad, although the photos themselves have no problems (it's the same camera JPEG):

2. Ghosts ("shadows") of controls, text messages ("No Image File", "MENU") appear on the screen.

This camera JPEG is shown:

3. In bright sunlight it is now impossible to see the image on the screen even for framing. The two photos above had to be taken "blind" by roughly pointing the camera in the desired direction. Since the NX300 doesn't have a viewfinder.

I don't know what that is or why. Changing or resetting the settings doesn't help. It looks like AMOLED degradation. I'm surprised it appeared so early and after the camera has been turned off for a while.

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Pentax A 35-105/3.5 (longtime experience)

For a while I had the Pentax A 35-105/3.5 lens:

(From left to right: K 35/3.5, A 35-105/3.5, M 135/3.5)

Pentax DSLR's program modes work with it (because of the A position of the aperture ring), but of course without autofocus. The image quality was quite good, but the lens is uncomfortable to use on the *ist Ds or the K10D. There's some sort of disbalance of weight with the lens. It is hard to handle a camera when rotating two rings of the lens one after the other.

After switching from DSLRs to mirrorless cameras, this lens was completely out of use. But somehow I tested it on a Samsung NX camera and again I was convinced that the image quality was really good for a zoom lens of the time.

This lens hadn't waited for a full-frame camera, I sold it very cheaply a few years ago because of some fungus. I would like to see how it performs on the full-frame camera, but I doubt it will be usable on the relatively small Sony a7c. Again because of that unbalanced weight.

Anyway, the Pentax A 35-105/3.5 is a surprisingly good image lens.

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SZ Viewer A1: Google Play statistics (2022-2023)

Today's install base of SZ Viewer A1 [for Android] (the difference for the year).

Belarus: 282 (-118)
China: 8 (+7)
Eritrea: -
Iran: 9 (-11)
Mali: -
Nicaragua: 6 (-4)
Russia: 10647 (-2632)
Venezuela: 39 (0)
Zimbabwe: 2 (+1)

Other 168 countries/regions: 20094 (+3206)

All 177 countries/regions: 31087 (+449)

These are Google Play statistics: The number of active Android devices on which the app is installed. An active device is one that has been turned on at least once in the previous 30 days.


Holga HL(W)-SSN: on the full-frame camera

I was playing with the Holga Holga HL(W)-SSN (29/8) toy lens on my Samsung NX cameras. I wanted to use a homemade adapter from NX to Sony FE (for my Sony a7c camera), but the adapter appeared to be too bad. Instead, I managed to mount the lens with the tail of some Sony FE extension tubes. I just fixed it with duct tape masking tape. 

But the thickness of this tail is less than required (25.5 - 18 = 7.5mm), so the Holga's focusing ring is set to the closest distance. This caused the optics to move away from the rear aperture plate, making the vignetting more visible at infinity.

And of course the vignetting is very heavy on the full-frame sensor.

Some photos: 1.5 crop (APS-C) and full-frame images.

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