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Sunset of Lenovo App Shop Sept 21, 2012

Sunset of Lenovo App Shop Sept 21, 2012
We are letting our Lenovo App Shop registered users know that the Lenovo App Shop will no longer be available as of September 21. Our store partner has discontinued operations and we recommend using the Google Play Store for your Android Applications.

Your previously downloaded applications from the Lenovo App Shop will continue to work, however we recommend you select and install a back up program from the Google Play Store to back up your apps. If you have issues with apps you obtained from the Lenovo App Shop, the app developer or Independent Software Vendor (ISV) can assist you.
If you have any other questions please refer to the following link: www.lenovo.com/support/appshop

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate you as a valued customer.

Давно пора! Лично мне эти колхозные "магазины" что Леновы, что Самсунга даром не нужны. Я туда заходил только один раз (когда прошивку камеры на SII обновлял).

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