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Noname Pentax K (A) - Sony NEX adapter with the aperture control

I use the K&F Concept adapter to mount Pentax K lenses on the Sony a7c. It's not bad, but it has two drawbacks: self-disassembling construction (I tightened the connection screws several times) and a mounted lens is rotated relative to the camera (but very small).

But I also have a [Chinese] noname Pentax K (A) - Sony NEX adapter as a spare:

Unlike other nonames, this adapter has aperture control (important to me):

Unlike the K&F Concept adapter, the lens is positioned without rotation relative to the camera. This is a good thing.

The aperture control ring is clickless. Sometimes that's good, but I'm not used to it.

But I noticed two bad things.

First, the aperture control has too short a travel:

As a result,  you can't close the aperture to f/22 or even f/16 with many lenses. Yes, with full-frame digital cameras this is very rarely necessary (because of diffraction), but still.

Compare the maximum travel with the K&F Concept:

And with the Samsung MA9NXK adapter (for NX cameras):

Second, the adapter is too thick. I think it's 0.1mm thicker than it needs to be. This is really bad. It is impossible to focus to infinity with the adapter.

That's why I don't use this adapter.


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