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Holga HL(W)-SSN 29/8: Samsung NX10 and springtime

I remembered the Holga 29/8 lens. And I photographed spring nature, but not with the full-frame Sony a7c (which makes no sense), but with the native Samsung NX10.

The Samsung NX10 is not good for manual focus. Only a 2x magnification on the low resolution screen/viewfinder. I practiced first and then used "scale" (symbol) focusing.

As mentioned, the Holga aperture is slower/darker than the claimed f/8. I think it's about f/20. But it is possible to remove the aperture plates and get close to f/8: Modifying a Holga DSLR lens to really be f/8

But then the specific vignetting would be lost. I haven't decided yet.

By the way, I've been trying to find a Holga 25/8 for the Sony E on sale, but it's hard. Although versions for the NX and 60mm for Canon/Nikon/Olympus DSLRs are still available. Holga cameras, lenses and other accessories have not been produced since 2015.


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