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Angarsk: 8 photo card set from 1974 (and 2023)

Angarsk photos from 1974: 8 cards and 2 covers. I added my 7 photos of the same places taken in early spring 2023 (no leaves on the trees yet for better visibility).

Cover-1: Ангарск. Первые высотные (Angarsk. The first high-rises)

Cover-2: Дворец пионеров (A young pioneer palace)

1. Проспект К.Маркса (Karl Marx Prospect)

2. Политехнический институт (Polytechnic Institute)

3. Спортивный дворец (A palace of sports)

4. Старинный Московский тракт сегодня (The old Moskovsky Trakt today)

(I know the road, but I can't locate the exact viewpoint)

5. Дом культуры "Современник" (House of culture Sovremennik/Contemporary)

(2023 photo will be soon, I hope)

6. Из школы в морозный день (Out of school on a frosty day)

7. Городской сад. Встреча (A town garden. Meeting)

8. Окрестности города (Surroundings of the town)

(The hill and a small river? I don't know where it is)

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