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Holga HL(W)-SSN 29/8: on the full-frame camera

I was playing with the Holga Holga HL(W)-SSN (29/8) toy lens on my Samsung NX cameras. I wanted to use a homemade adapter from NX to Sony FE (for my Sony a7c camera), but the adapter appeared to be too bad. Instead, I managed to mount the lens with the tail of some Sony FE extension tubes. I just fixed it with duct tape masking tape. 

But the thickness of this tail is less than required (25.5 - 18 = 7.5mm), so the Holga's focusing ring is set to the closest distance. This caused the optics to move away from the rear "sieve" aperture plate, making the vignetting more visible at infinity.

And of course the vignetting is very heavy on the full-frame sensor.

Some photos: 1.5 crop (APS-C) and full-frame images.

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