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My Pentax lenses (+Takumar)

All my Pentax (K Mount) lenses and one Takumar (M42x1). 

1. 28-55mm range (wide and normal prime lenses).

From left to right: Pentax K 28/3.5, K 30/2.8, K 35/3.5, K 50/1.4, A 50/1.7, M 50/4 Macro, K 55/1.8.

These are my preferred lenses, inexpensive, good, and quite compact.

The Pentax K 30/2.8 wasn't particularly interesting for me on a APS-C (x1.5 crop) frame sensor. But on the full-frame sensor it shows its traits.

Also I was looking for a replacement for Индустар-61Л/З (Industar-61L/Z) 50/2.8. I looked at Волна-9 (Volna-9) 50/2.8, but accidentally chose Pentax M 50/4 Macro. And I have no regrets about it, I really like this Tessar-like lens (on full-frame).

2. 100-200mm range (long-focus prime lenses).

From left to right: Pentax M 100/4 Macro, Takumar (Pre-set II) 105/2.8, Pentax M 135/3.5, M 200/4.

Because of the long focal length, I rarely use them.

Pentax M 100/4 M is not as good as modern macro lenses. However, it does have an interesting Heliar optical design. The other three lenses aren't bad either.

3. Takumar 105/2.8 is the oldest, from the early 1960s. Pentax A 50/1.7 is the newest, from the 1980s. The others (K/M series) are from the 1970s. Most of the lenses were bought in 2005-2007. They were waiting for a digital full-frame camera and they got it.

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