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Pentax объективы (старые "зумы")

Продолжая тему старых зумов, цитаты из старых рекламных брошюр.

SMC Pentax-A ZOOM 28mm~135mm f/4
This triumph of lens technology is most versatile of all Pentax zooms. It's fast, compact and covers the complete range from wide angle to medium telephoto plus a macro setting. And it is equipped for automatic aperture control.

SMC Pentax-A ZOOM 35mm~105mm f/3.5
Also equipped for automatic aperture control, this lens has a slightly narrower range than the 28mm-135mm, but a faster maximum aperture. It is an extremely compact and practical all-purpose lens, complete with macro setting.

SMC Pentax ZOOM 45~125mm f/4
A multi-purpose lens capable of doing the work of half a dozen lenses: 45, 50, and 55mm standard lenses, as well as 85, 100 and 125mm telephoto lenses (and everything in-between). Zooming ratio is 3:1, and a broad focal length of 45mm to 125mm can be achieved in spite of relatively short barrel. Useful for a wide scope of photographic assignments: landscapes, action shots, portraiture, travel shots, etc.

Взято отсюда: http://www.nanites.co.uk/Pentax%20M%20&%20A%20Lenses%2001.htm


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